Canadian Origin Story
Canadian Museum of History (Canadian History Hall)
For the Canadian History Hall at the Canadian Museum of History, in partnership with Northern Light Productions, I had the privilege of animating a unique piece. This project started with bespoke illustrations from Canadian artist Jay Odjick. My role involved crafting an animation around these illustrations, employing methods such as character rigging, particle effects, and creating a 2.5D environment. To ensure cultural sensitivity and accuracy, the content was developed in close collaboration with tribal leaders, reflecting their origin story with respect and authenticity.

Visitors to the Canadian History Hall are greeted by this video, projected onto a large, curved wall. It serves as an immersive introduction to the magnificent exhibit, enhancing the overall experience.

Production Company: Northern Light Productions
Role: All animation including 2D character rigging & animation, particle effects, morphing, and 3D environments
Credits: Produced by Andy Kukura, Editing/Sound Design by John Sherrer, Illustrations by Jay Odjick
The program as it appears, projected on a curved wall at the start of the Canadian History Hall at the Canadian Museum of History.
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